Arko Stick Shaving Soap 75gr

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Arko Stick Shaving Soap is so easy to maneuver and use due to its shape. It rapidly makes a dense protecting foam, preparing the face for an exquisite shaving. The skin becomes soft and hydrated after shaving. Ideal for traveling.

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Brand: Arko

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Arko Stick Shaving Soap soap will remind you of the barber’s shop fresh and specific perfume offering you the perfect quality shaving. It lasts 2-3 months.
Provide good hydration, nice mousse and enough lubrication making it suitable for any shaving machine.
The traditional pack makes it the favorite soap for old-school shaving lovers.
Shaving will be more efficient and smooth..

Usage method:

  • Splash some warm water on your face.
  • then apply the soap with circular moves on your wet skin.
  • along with a wet brush do circular movements so will make a dense nice mousse.

Weight: 75gr

Made in Turkey.




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