Dovo Straight Razor Mother of Pearl Straight Razor 5810

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The stunning Dovo Straight Razor presents a pearl imitation handle and a 24-carat gold engraved blade

Made of the highest quality carbon steel, it offers maximum hardness, elasticity and wear resistance.

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Brand: Dovo

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For over a century, DOVO carved and polished razor blades, scissors and clippers. Their products are not only functional, they are also works of art.

This Dovo Straight Razor  is made of high quality carbon steel and has been carefully manufactured to bring you the hardness, elasticity and wear resistance you expect from Dovo. With the 5/8 “size, this blade is excellent for total beard removal. 

The beautiful blade has gold engraving and a pearl imitation handle.

With proper care, this care product will give you years of shaving. Be sure to clean and dry the entire shaving unit after each use and keep it in a well-ventilated area. 

DOVO Solingen – a name and place that represents quality, design and experience. Since 1906, involved daily in the development, presentation and production of premium products for shaving products. Worldwide Dovo products are highly appreciated and often last a lifetime. 




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