Merkur 37C Slant Bar Solingen Shaving Razor

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Merkur 37 C Slant Bar Solingen Shaving Razoris suitable for those who have a dull beard or sensitive skin but who want a clean and cut without shavings.Merkur 37 is made of 2 pieces with chrome finish.

A must have everyone who wants to get a smooth and effortless shaving!

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Brand: Solingen

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The Merkur 37 Slant Bar is recommended to those who experience shaving because it has a sloping edge to expose a larger piece of leather. Carefully handle and care for the device gives you a high-quality shave.

Usage method:

  • The shaving head is released by unscrewing the handle and lifting the cover to insert the blade
  • Put the head cap back in place, screw in and tighten the handle. Easy!
  • During shaving, take care to form an angle of about 30 degrees
  • After you have moisturized your skin with cream or shaving soap, start with your cheeks pressing very little as the weight of the device allows for a slight gliding
  • Shaving is always done in the direction of hair growth.

It is the perfect device for pampering a man to offer in the morning routine.

Weight 76 gr

Handle size: about 76 gr

Merkur Solingen devices are produced in Germany at the highest quality standards for over 70 years. 

Made in Germany.



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