The Bluebeards Revenge Perfect Man Kit

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The Ultimate Gift Set for Real Men

There is simply no better way to give a thoughtful and useful present to the man in your life than to give them the very manly gift of The Bluebeards Revenge.

This Perfect Man Kit is a great way to get your man introduced to the world’s manliest and coolest grooming range.

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An excellent gift idea for a birthday, Father’s Day or Christmas. So dump the socks, jumpers and pants, and get him something he really wants this year. He will thank you for it!!


1 x 100ml Brushless Shaving Solution

1 x 100ml Cooling Moisturiser

1 x 100ml Eau De Toilette

1 x 175g Big Blue Bar Of Soap For Blokes

1 x 50ml Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

1 x Comb

Brushless Shaving Solution (100ml)

Unlike cheap supermarket foams, The Bluebeards Revenge Brushless Shaving Solution is designed to effortlessly remove tough stubble for a clean shave that’s closer than most. It’s also praised by barbers for its ability to improve edging on necklines, hairlines and beards.

Cooling Moisturiser (100ml)

The Bluebeards RevengeCooling Moisturiser brings it’s typical semi-macho style into the equation with this new product featuring what they describe as the “manliest of ingredients” – in fact, who else could get away with creating a modern cosmetic laced with exotic compounds such as extracts of Prickly Pear, Stinging Nettle and Fenugreek! Not as vicious as they sound in fact as each of these compounds are highly regarded for their moisturising qualities and ability to re-invigorate the skin. The Bluebeards Revenge Cooling Moisturiser contains a cooling agent making application to any part of the body a real pleasure.

Eau De Toilette (100ml)

This refreshing new fragrance opens with ozone notes accented by Sicilian bergamot and Ligurian basil. The heart features a rich blend of jasmine, black tea and watermint, while the rich base notes include Madagascar vanilla highlighted by sandalwood and patchouli along with oakmoss and musk. Inspired by the real life heroes and other larger than life characters who put the “Great” into Great Britain, this eau de toilette features an atomiser spray that is easy and efficient to use. The fragrance’s striking glass bottle sports the shiny Bluebeards Revenge logo, acid etched deep into the flask creating a typically stand out visual experience in common with the brand’s extensive range of men’s grooming products. This eau de toilette will give men the chance to get closer to their masculine side and show off their bold and adventurous personalities. It’s the ultimate choice for the men of today.

Big Blue Bar Of Soap For Blokes (175g)

This new product from The Bluebeards Revenge is exactly what is says on the …….packaging. Our customers told us they were fed up with undersized soaps, so we’ve decided to come up with a bumper size, proper bar of manly soap designed for real blokes. And here it is.

Anti-Perspirant Deodorant (50ml)

This silver based formula uses the natural anti-microbial properties of silver to neutralise the bugs that cause body odour, leaving you and those in your immediate vicinity to enjoy the modern but classic Bluebeards Revenge scent. Whether you are pushing the boundaries of human endurance or simply enjoying a good night out there is no reason not to smell your best and remain cool and sweat free. And we have it on good authority that the ladies are very partial to it! To avoid the chance of accidentally spraying it in the face of your partner or the guys in the changing room we opted for the more accurate roll on.


Keep your hair looking its finest all day with The Bluebeards Revenge comb. Comb length is 18cm.


Bluebeards Revenge


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