Phoenix Artisan Accountrements CaD Shaving Soap 114gr

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Phoenix Artisan Accountrements CaD Shaving Soap has a fresh aroma with subtle notes of mint and rose water, but it is also delicate with skin.

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Brand: Phoenix

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Phoenix Artisan Accountrements CaD Shaving Soap is made manually, but produced in small batches. This is a high quality vegan soap. The kokum butter in its composition leaves the skin smooth and hydrated after shaving.

Weight 114 g

Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements is the combination of the energy and talents of two artisanal soap manufacturers. Frances was an acupuncturist and herbalist, making unique formulas tailored to the needs of each individual. Now she continues to refine and expand her knowledge and creativity to deliver unique and quality products. 

Hodges is an inventor, artist and soap maker from the age of 4, when he created his first lotion against bug bites.

Made in Arizona, USA.




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