Timor Vintage Padouk Wood 1363 Safety Razor

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Timor Vintage Padouk Wood 1363 Safety Razor is intended for all men who want a safe, no-cut shave but also to beginners, with a reddish wooden handle and a stainless steel head.

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Timor 1363 Safety Razor can be part of the shaving kit of any man who likes vintage. New, but vintage this device gives you safety and protection of the skin thanks to the closed comb. The product comes in a stylish gift box with 10 Timor Shaving Blades.

For a comfortable and non-irritative shaving, we recommend frequent changing of the razor blade.

Dimensions:  100mm

Usage method: 

  • The shaving head is released by unscrewing the handle and lifting the cover to insert the blade
  • Put the head cap back in place, screw in and tighten the handle. Easy!
  • During shaving, take care to form an angle of about 30 degrees
  • After you have moisturized your skin with cream or shaving soap, start with your cheeks pressing very little as the weight of the device allows for a slight gliding
  • Shaving is always done in the direction of hair growth 

Timor products are exclusive, “Made in Germany” products of the highest quality.


Timor Solingen


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