Mr Bear Citrus Mustache and Beard Wax 30 ml

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Mr Bear Citrus Mustache and Beard Wax is made from natural ingredients and is made by hand. Does not load hair and keep shape throughout the day.

Among the ingredients are shea butter, olive oil and sunflower, but also beeswax.

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Mr Bear Citrus Mustache and Beard Wax is a soft wax that is designed to give a natural look, while providing a firm support for hair. It is easy to remove with warm water and soap. With a delightful fragrance of fresh citrus. Wax is handmade with natural ingredients.

Weight 30ml.

Usage method:

The easiest way to warm up your wax is to use a hair dryer, but you can also use your fingers. Take some wax from the box with your fingertips then rub it between your thumb and forefinger to soften it. Now apply wax evenly through beard and mustache, we recommend using a special comb at the end to style it as you want. 

A tip to have a warm wax is to keep it in a pocket close to the body. 

Founder Mr Bear Family, Björn Landen, leaving his mustache to grow, realized that when there is more food in the mustache than in the plate, there must be something that can prevent it. He came to the conclusion that it is difficult to find products for taming his mustaches. So he decided to make his own mustache wax. Mustache grew and became a beard, and so he produced a range of products for all bearded friends. Mr Bear Family is the first manufacturer in Sweden of mustache and beard care products.

All products are manually manufactured from natural ingredients without chemical additives.

Made in Sweden.


Mr. Bear Family


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